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 Heritage Antiques and Collectibles Mall
Where Family Heritage is Preserved and Cherished
 April 23, 2014
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7521 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA  23228
Phone: (804) 262-0284
Fax: (804) 262-0580
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Tuesday - Sunday 11 AM to 6 PM
(Shop late with us Fridays until 8!)

 Booth Full of Primitives  Victorian Doll  Vintage Bed & Other Home Furnishings

Vendor Info

Our Mall is managed by our Heritage Staff.  Vendors are not required to be present.

Computerized Accounting:  We offer a state-of-the-art computer mall software program.

Low Mall Commission Rate:  Heritage is committed to maintaining the lowest possible mall commission rate. 
Ask for further details.

Lay-a-Way/Sold Item Storage:  Our Mall offers free lay-a-way and 'sold item' storage within our warehouse area.

Sale Signage:  The Heritage Staff will design and print sale signs for vendors upon request.

Vendor Meetings:  Heritage hosts frequent Vendor Meetings which are both fu and informative.  These meetings serve as a great way to get to know your fellow vendor partners, receive important announcements and even planning, as wel as reaping the benefits of our 'brainstorming sessions' among vendors and staff.

Discount Structure:  Heritage does not require vendors to participate in any automatic discount structure.  Any discounted price is determined by each individual vendor.

Additional Warehouse Storage:  Available for vendors only, we offer additional warehouse storage for those vendors who need it.  Spaces are offered in various sizes at nominal fees.  Space is based on availability, ask for further details.

Rules & Regs:  Vendors are provided an extensive 'Rules & Regulations' brochure which explains in detail our policies for vendor participation.  All regulations have been established in an effort to provide a safe, attractive and profitable selling environment.  If any of our rules seem 'harsh', it's because we take our responsibility to our vendors very seriously--we will not let them down by compormising the integrity of our Mall.

Mall Advertising & Promotion:  We are committed to consistent advertising and innovative promotions throughout the year.  Our advertising incorporates newspaper, magazine, and a series of television commercials.  Further details will be provided to new vendors (we don't want to reveal too many 'trade secrets' on an open website).

More Vendor Info:  Contact us for more specific details about joining Heritage's 'vendor family'. 

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