About Us

About Us

History:  As stated earlier, Heritage Antiques and Collectibles Mall is a family-owned and operated business.  This company is the realization of a life-long dream.  It’s all about a love and passion for antiques passed down in our family for generations–you might say it’s our ‘family heritage’.

Our Logo:  If you’ve noticed the stunning Victorian lady in our logo, she is our Great-Grandmother, Alma Jane White.  Born February 8, 1883, she was 19 years old when that portrait was painted, and that same portrait is proudly on display at Heritage.

Mall Location:  Our mall is conveniently located at Genito Crossing Shopping Center, 11114 Hull Street Road in Midlothian, Va.  Midlothian is a suburb of Richmond, just 10 miles, southwest.  Genito Crossing Shopping Center is positioned at the corner of Genito and Hull Street Roads.

Vendor Family:  We designed our mall with no more than 100 – 125 vendors for several reasons.  First and foremost, we felt this to be a ‘customer-friendly’ size (we feel that malls with 300 – 400 vendors tend to be overwhelming much more commercialized and not nearly as warm and welcoming).

Atmosphere:  At Heritage, we have tried to create the most comfortable and desirable atmosphere for our customers’ pleasure.  All of our aisle widths are extended beyond County requirements, and all areas of our Mall are carpeted.  You’ll experience the warmth of “homelike displays”  featuring a wide array of desirable furnishings and décor.   Enjoy the soothing sounds of classic recordings featuring legendary artists such as “Rat-packers” Sinatra and Martin.  Be prepared for rousing big-band selections that are sure to send you back in time and tempt you to dance in the aisles.  (it’s been known to happen !).

Parking and Loading Areas:  Parking is never a problem in our shopping center location, and you can load your purchases at our front double-door entrance.  We also offer a back door loading dock for your convenience.

For further details and information about Heritage, click on the Customer Services link, and for more photos, click on Heritage Tour.